Nire Land Party Planner Service

Nire Land is a full service party and event planning company that provide nothing less than the highest quality of event services. Keep in mind that Nire Land is not your typical party planning service as we specialize in Lifestyle Parties and Events.

Our niche planning service simply did not exist prior to our opening. We here a Nire Land see ourselves as incorporating a multitude of services to assist our clients. First and foremost we provide Party and Event Planning Services.

The Parties that we plan for our clients always involve family and Individuals having the opportunity to meet. We also consider ourselves to be a fantastic event planner.

Nire Land provides party and event planners, onsite coordinators, party directors, vendors, independent contractors as well as Internet contact, invitation and reservation services. We work with you to produce high impact, innovative, and modern parties and events.

Nire Land listen, learn about and fulfill even the most surreal party or event vision as it is our job to help make your dreams come true. After all, it is the details of every party and event that make it special and memorable.

Working with our experienced party and event planners will ensure that you can relax and enjoy your party or event rather than stress about it. Rest assured that when Nire Land are by your side you’ll experience confidence and peace of mind as a result of our reliability and true caring about you and your party or event. We work closely with you to ensure a one of a kind experience for you and your guests and/or Co-Hosts.